Frequently Asked Questions

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CustomerPayMe is solution that helps business owners send overdue invoice reminders, manage debt collection and provides a unique way of documenting sales directly from single or multiple busineses

It helps you manage your expenses and keep track of your customers and Debtors without using papers. You can do this on the go and optimize your time.

The app is available on Google PlayStore

Download the Android application for free clicking this Link to Google Play. If you cannot access Google Play from your computer, please access it from your Android smartphone/ tablet and search for “CustomerPayMe App”

The CustomerPayMe App does not have a Desktop Version yet but can be accessed via the web

Since the application is installed through the Google Play store, it can be backed up by synchronizing with your Google account.

You can send us a mail at

Yes, you would have to create an account

Yes, it is.

The only thing you need to do is to sign up, and this is free

Yes, it can be set while creating the debt.

Yes, the only thing you need to do is to download and install the app on PlayStore.

There will be no need for that, all your information will be stored on cloud and retrieved once you re-download the app.

All owners of small and medium-scale businesses who possess a smartphone

The app can be used offline and online. Offline usage is immediately synchronized once the user comes online

The app keeps a debt history which notifies you of pending collections and recent (today's) debt

The app requires log in which enables users to create and use a unique password, other sensitive details such as phone numbers are authenticated using OTP