Keep track of your debtors

Get people to repay you faster with automatic reminders. Never lose track of a debt - get all your money returned quickly, and on time!

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Here’s everything CustomerPayMe offers just for you!

Debt collection

Record all debts owed to you, and CustomerPayMe will help you easily remind your debtors, so that they pay on time. For bad debt, customized solutions will help you recover it.

Transaction Tracking

Record all the inflows and outflows of your business - and never lose track of any of your money. The simple interface keeps your business well organised.

Reports and Account Statements

Keep safe backups of all your transactions, and quickly export reports and account statements to allow you have a snapshot of your business at any time.

CustomerPayMe Features

This solution helps business owners send overdue invoice reminders, manage daily transactions/debt collection, and provides a unique way of pushing unique sales messaging directly to their customers.


Our app is available in various languages. Trusted by over various users across the globe

Quick Ledgers

Save precious hours by updating daily business accounts in minutes.

Free SMS Reminders

Manage daily transactions/debt collections and send customers quick SMS reminders

CustomerPayMe is impacting lives

We have reached a wide number of small business owners and our goal is to impact small businessess globally.


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